Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Probable WSO2 Final Interview Questions

  1. Reference: [Tyler's Blog] https://medium.com/@tylerjewell/thank-you-sanjiva-e63c8b24dff0
  2. 1. Are you a dog or a cat person? Seriously, I am a dog person and curious about those who worship cats.
  3. 2. How did you hear about WSO2 in the first place?
  4. 3. I will make a (usually bad and wrong) guess at the historical relevance and significance of your name and accent. Don’t laugh, but I am curious about where you came from and how you ended up where you are at.
  5. 4. What do you hope will be on your tombstone when you leave this world?
  6. 5. What are legal, ethical, and financial implications of Redis Labs’ alteration of their BSD open source license to create stronger commercial protections? Just kidding, but if you have a point of view, then we really should talk more.
  7. 6. What would you like to know more about our company?
  8. 7. What kind of commitments do you make to improving yourself, your team, and your family? We have a simple performance review process here and it’s focused on how you are working on self-improvement and commitment to self, team, and company. We care deeply about how you are developing yourself in any dimension or aspect of life that matters to you.

  9. Well, regarding question 5, if you have an opinion make sure it is solid and you know the subject that you are talking about!